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Taj Mahal – the musician

A great friend of mine put me into Taj Mahal some years ago, it was the Mo Roots CD. Get it! Its great for vacation trips (to hot places).

Here’s one song from that CD, “Taj Mahal – Clara (st kitts woman)”

His classical: Johnny Too Bad is also great.

And there’s another nice album i was introduced to from the Into de Rythm blog, where he plays with indian musicians: Mumtaz Mahal (damn great blues & indian). Great stuff! Get it too!



More than 1 year ago i watched the intro (the first 2 mins) of James Burke’s “The Day the Universe Changed”. And simply it blew my mind (this whole philosophy/reality crap).

So in the last few days, while trying to sleep (damn insomnias), it flashbacked… So here’s the baby on youtube, enjoy (first two mins):

Seems that all episodes are on youtube, but like all copyrighted stuff: get it fast before they take it down…

Better: you can get the higher quality video as torrent in MVgroup, with english subtitles! or even better(?), pay 150U$ for the DVDs.

Note: i haven’t seen this series, but if you liked this stuff, get Burke’s Connections, specially the First Season from 1978.

Tetris – game and documentary

So I’ve finally bought Tetris for the iPhone.

What a fucking great game, how could i stay so many years without playing it???
Specially fun while taking a shit!

So my advice: check the BBC Documentary about it: “Tetris: From Russia With Love

Search for the torrent at (seeded by the amazing MVgroup) or see it in YouTube (but on YT the russian interviews don’t have english subs like the torrent).

Besides the adictive game, i also loved the russian folk songs on the old version, like Kalinka, Dark Eyes…

Getting bionic – soon

Here’s a funny and amazing presentation about the leap in human evolution that is coming together with our ability to engineer cells, tissues and make robots. From TED 2009, Juan Enriquez:

So my grandson (or hopefully me) could become the 6 million dollar man:

Hello world!

New blog, to post good stuff i find around…

Will be mostly art related…